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After the development of pronounced arthritic changes and the appearance of free articular bodies due to the detachment of pieces of the altered cartilage, recurrent effusions and blockades of the joints manifest. Over time, contractures are formed that limit the ability to work and the possibility of self-service. Possible secondary arthritis. When the spine is damaged, radiculitis occurs.

The diagnosis is established by orthopedic doctors. In the process of diagnosis, anamnestic data, the results of an external examination and additional studies are used. The survey plan includes: Interview . Characteristic signs of the disease are residence in a certain area, early onset, slow progression, a certain sequence of lesions of various parts of the skeleton, and the absence of episodes of fever. Physical examination.

In favor of Kashin-Bek's disease, there is a decrease in height, short fingers, typical deformities of the feet, hyperlordosis, and symmetry of joint damage. X-ray of the hands. The hands are involved first of all, so the technique is informative even at the initial stages of the disease. Expansion of the epiphyses in the form of flat bowls and goblet deformity of the metaphyses are revealed. The heterogeneity of the bone substance in the metaphyseal zone, subchondral sclerosis, is determined.

Dr. Laura L. Bokar,
Fox Valley Institute for Growth and Wellness
Naperville, Illinois


Radiography of large joints. When examining adolescent patients, premature closure of the growth zones is detected. Other features are similar to changes in the hands. Osteophytes, narrowing of the joint space are visible.
Joint lesions are symmetrical. Radiography of the spine. The vertebrae suffer less frequently than other parts of the skeleton.
Uneven height of the intervertebral discs may be detected with a predominant downward trend. The endplates of the vertebrae are deformed but remain continuous. Sometimes osteophytes, areas of calcification in the ligament area are visualized.



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Zofran (Ondansetron) Medication

Differential diagnosis is carried out with osteochondropathy, rheumatoid arthritis, chondrodystrophy and epiphyseal dysplasia. Sometimes Kashin-Beck disease must be distinguished from hypothyroidism and rickets. In newly applied adults and elderly patients with 1-2 degrees of the disease, it may be necessary to exclude the paraneoplastic syndrome. Treatment of zofran disease.

Treatment of pathology can be conservative and operational. Conservative therapy is long-term, usually carried out on an outpatient basis. Surgical interventions, as a rule, are performed at the final stages of the disease, with the development of irreversible changes that grossly violate the functions of the joints. The goal of ondansetron pills measures in the early stages is to stop the pathological process and complete recovery. Subsequent treatment is aimed at reducing the severity of symptoms.and, increasing working capacity and self-care ability, slowing the progression of the disease.